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Be Counted for our State Registry!

This registry has been created by EDS Louisiana, Inc. to help us get as accurate of a count as possible of how many Zebras live in our state.  All personal information gathered here will remain confidential and will never be sold to any third parties. 

If you live in Louisiana and have been diagnosed with either EDS or HSD, or if you are actively seeking diagnosis, we welcome you to REGISTER here. Please pass the word along! Please be sure to register every person in your family/household who meets this criteria.

Thanks for submitting!

We Are Here For You

EDS Louisiana is here to provide support for anyone diagnosed with an Ehlers-Danlos syndrome or any of its related disorders, as well as anyone currently seeking diagnosis and answers. We understand and know how complicated and long that journey can be, and can relate to how lonely it can feel at times.  Our goal is to help others realize that you are never alone in this journey.  We strive to help family members of those who are on this journey know that they too have support, as we know that they have an incredibly hard journey themselves and want them to know their concerns are valid too! 

If you feel EDS Louisiana could be helpful to you, a loved one, a family member, or a friend, please reach out to us on FaceBook, or contact us via email at to see if we can meet your needs.  

Our Public FaceBook Page
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Join Us!

Welcome to the EDS Louisiana Family! By joining us, you are declaring your desire to unite from all across our state, in an effort to help spread EDS  awareness & education throughout our state.
There are many ways to help spread  awareness. We provide resources such as brochures and business cards which contain a list of signs & symptoms. They can be given out to doctors, teachers, family and friends or anyone who 
will listen & desires to learn.
We look for opportunities  to do outreaches in our communities such as school fairs, medical fairs, & basically any place a booth can be set up  to disperse  brochures, set up posters and provide education.

Also, each month, we host group sessions that provide support for our members.

Thanks for submitting!

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