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Thank you  to everyone who joyfully sows into our official charity. You will be provided with an official tax deductible receipt when you give. We rely solely upon donations to continue the work we have started.

Since we began in 2019, we've been a witness to seeing hundreds of lives being supported, changed and we believe many lives will continue to be saved as a result of our supportive & educational outreaches. To date, over 350 personalized care packages have been mailed out to those needing encouragement, support & educational information. We have only just begun!

We desire to continue being a light, bringing hope to the many who need to know there is help for the many complex medical issues that have long been overlooked.  We will continue to support medical professionals by providing them with support and educational materials so less & less of our people will have to continue going decades before finally receiving answers and help to their many complex & confusing symptoms.

If you would like to help plan an event to bring awareness to your community, or if you would like to help create a fundraiser, we sincerely thank you. 

We can be reached at:

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